Clean, Airy and Sanitised comfortable rooms


Clean, Airy and Sanitised comfortable rooms

To ensure hygiene and sanitation in our premises, an exclusive team for housekeeping has been designated to do the cleaning work round the clock. High quality industrial solutions and disinfectants are used to ensure this objective.

Category of Accommodation available:
S.No. Accommodation Type Rate (INR) 30% Discounted Rate for Cancer Patients
a Dormitory Beds 120/-** per bed 84/-** per bed
b Room with double-bed (common bathroom) 400/- per day 280/- per day
c Room with double-bed (with attached bath & store Room) 600/-* per day 420/-* per day

*A/C rooms available on extra payment of 200/- ( 140 for Cancer Patients)
**A/C Dormitory beds available on extra payment of 50/- ( 35 for Cancer Patients)
*** 20 charged per day for TV separately

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